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The Bridport Renewable Energy Group has a vision of producing food and energy, and processing organic waste for the benefit of the community.

The Group is a community of interest – formed by people with an interest in renewable energy. It is a response to our over-dependence on fossil fuels, the need for energy security, and a desire to manage the future costs of energy. We want to look at the way we consume energy, and move towards minimising waste, using energy efficiently, and sourcing it sustainably.  This will be rewarding, not only financially, but will also bring to the community a measure of resilience in a turbulent energy market, as well as a sense of community achievement and social cohesion.  In the process we will develop knowledge skills and jobs, and link energy production to food production and activities on the land.

The Bridport Renewable Energy Group, or BREG as it is known, existed as an informal group for about four years, and has more recently been registered as a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. We meet to discuss developments and hear from guest speakers, and run a stand featuring energy at community events.  The Group hopes to achieve its vision through a three pronged approach to change -

  • by informing ourselves and the wider community about the forms and use of energy,
  • by influencing government policy on renewable energy, and contributing to working groups,
  • by implementing renewable energy projects.

BREG has now established BESCo the Bridport Energy Services company as an Industrial and Provident Society. This development of this sister organisation has necessitated the development of business plan for BREG that makes clear the distinct roles of the two groups. The BREG plan is currently envisaged to have the following five themes:

  • a programme of events informing ourselves and the wider community, and a contribution to the policy development;
  • research development and demonstration of technologies so that they may be implemented with confidence;
  • the delivery of projects through BESCo
  • the establishment of a wood fuel resource
  • the development of the Brit Valley Community Farm, a vision of integrated food and energy production and organic waste processing.

This is a long term initiative with perhaps a 10 year horizon.  If you would like to play a part or just be kept informed, please feel free to make contact with us.

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