Following on from last years success; winning the Greenpeace Sustainable Green Trader Gold Award,  BREG teamed up with the Fat Belly Cafe for a second year in the Croissant Neuf field which is part of the Green feilds and is run on renewable electricity; principally Photovoltaics, PV.

The Off Grid Fridges were back in action as despite the rain, this years festival was a hot one. A 100W freezer was used to make ice to keep two well insulated fridges below the regulation 8ºC.

In addition BREG provided some Off Grid Gas using some of the food waste from the Cafe kitchen.

The trailer was used to mount the digester and PV unit so that it could be transported but also so the sun could be tracked through the day by rotating the trailer.  The digester was the same one used at Trill Farm (see previous posts); 200 litres working volume with 12V resistance heaters to run directly from the batteries, to eliminate the losses from an inverter.  The power requirement is 15W to 20W.

There was considerable interest in the digester as this is one technology Glastonbury does not use which seems strange considering Worthy Farm is a large dairy farm.  There are also skip loads of food waste produced and these are composted off site using considerable amounts of energy.

Apart from the digester and freezer the PV powered a sump pump to move water from the sink area to the waste water container that was emptied each day. This job was done by hand last year moving buckets of dirty water  50 yards and tipping them at chest height trying not to get wet.  The pump moved ~ 700 liters of water per day and 1000 liters on Saturday which was a considerable burden lifted form the staff.  More water was probably used than last year but that led to better hygiene and less water being dumped on the ground.

The pump was 200Watts and turned out to be a very good use of off grid electricity.

The batteries charged up the crew’s mobile phones and tablets as well as providing some much needed festival luxury…..