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The Anaerobic Digestion events Programme for September 2012 and beyond.

Abundance at Ourganics

BREG micro Anaerobic Digestion (mAD) demonstration project
Teaching events at Ourganics, Litton Cheney: 23 – 30th September

Now that we have steady production of biogas we would like to tell everyone about the project and whilst this is continually happening through informal conversations, the Project plan to hold series of events during the second half of September.  Our aim is to show and tell as many people as possible what we are doing.

Ourganics is a well-established permaculture market garden and educational centre, and the site where we are carrying out the demonstration programme.  It is off-grid, and this is reflected in the arrangements at the site.

The events.

mAD for the Community on Sunday 23rd September, for people with a general interest in knowing what AD is about.  The objective is to introduce you to the AD process, and to the setting at Ourganics, and to indicate how the two fit together.

The day will run in two sessions, from 10- 12 and 2 – 4.  Each session will be able to accommodate 12 people, with 40 minutes touring Ourganics followed by 40 minutes at the AD unit.  After an hour and a half you will be offered tea/ coffee and cakes.  The cost will be £5 in advance.

Volunteers helping to eat lunch.

mAD for Producers on Wednesday 26th September is intended for small scale food producers.  The objectives are to
- introduce small scale food producers to the process, so they might start to explore the possibility of implementing at their own site, and
- support the development of the informal food producers network
There will be a morning session from 10-12.30 concentrating on the AD process and its application to food production, followed by lunch, tea and cakes, and finishing at 2pm.  There would be a limit of 10 people and the cost will be £10 in advance.

Innoculating the digester

mAD Master Class on Sunday September 30th, for those thinking of implementing their own system or wanting detailed technical information.

The content will cover all aspects of the mAD project, theoretical background to the process, experience in the field, relevance to activities at Ourganics, and planned further development.  The day will run from 10 till 4, with two sessions: in the morning from 10 – 12.45, with lunch from 1 – 2, and in the afternoon from 2 till 4.  Lunch will be provided, together with a break mid morning and mid afternoon.  Numbers would be limited to 12 and the cost will be £40 in advance.

Unfortunately it will not be possible to accommodate dogs or children during these events.


A yurt will be erected for the duration to act as a base for presentations, to incorporate a biogas kitchen, and as a shelter in the event of inclement weather.  There will be a limited amount of mains and low voltage electricity, generated locally by photovoltaics.

If you would like to join us for one of these events, please let us know via the contact page.   If you should require further information then please get in touch direct via or phone 01308 424103.

…and beyond..

if none of these events appeals to you perhaps you would like to join us for our visit to the new industrial scale AD unit at Poundbury in Dorchester, which is planned for 5th October.  If so then do let us know.

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